One Year Comparison Lost 11% Body Fat, Gained 27lbs of Lean Mass

February 1 Year Comparison - 24% to 13% Body Fat + 27 lbs Lean Mass


One year comparison... man I love these.

If you’ve read my history you’ll see I was once a bit overweight, somewhere in the 34%-36% body fat range, it’s a scary place. That guess is based on a ew measurements using the tape method.  My first Dexa scan to track any kind of progress was after I had lost a good amount of weight; this was recorded in Feb 2019. I had gone from 230+ lbs to 158 lbs or so in less than a year, much less.  

Check out my previous post for more background info.  SInce October I have followed much of the same.  Clean eating, just above maint. calories, treats when I decide to but they are usually of a Keto variety, I tend to avoid sugar most days.  Low carb by result of sticking primarily with meat, dairy, and vegetables. Consistency in the kitchen and gym, day in day out.

Results from Feb 2019 to February 2020.  

Body fat from 24% to 13.1%

Lean Mass gained 27 lbs

Dexa Body Fat Scan

I’m not sharing this so you’ll sign up for a program or class, I’m sharing this in hopes that others will see some light and do the work to get themselves in a healthier state.  Maybe you’ll want a new tank… maybe not.

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Dexa scan body fat 1 year comparison

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